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Sarah Camp
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
I make original and innovative costumes and puppets. My costumes and puppets have won awards at various UK anime conventions, including London ComicCon's masquerade, and I am currently in professional training to improve my craft even further. A perfectionist at heart, I always try to provide the highest quality work I can! Feel free to message me with questions or queries, but as a general guide here are some of the services I offer:

Puppets - start at £200. Hand puppet is a standard design, but can also make cable controls for certain designs. My personal specialty :)
Fairy wings - start at £30 for a small set in custom colours with glitter design
Bird wings - start at £40
Dragon wings - start at £40
Tails - start at £20
Headband ears - start at £10
Swaying dragon tail - £50
Fursuit head - start at £300 and can be made in a variety of styles
Hand paws - start at £50
Foot paws - start at £50
Silicone noses - £8 unpainted, £12 painted, feline nose currently available
Silicone paw pads - £20 per left and right set. Hand and foot paws are both available
Other silicone pieces may be commissioned. Send me a query for more details on availability for custom sculpts.

Lighting effects
I can incorporate LED's, fibre optics, UV reactive paint or EL wire into your commission! Solution will vary depending on project, so let me know and I'll work something out.

Single character sketch - £10
Pencil or marker coloured single character skecth - £20

Too varied to quote for, but I can make everything from plushies to light up lanterns!

Small character sculpt in milliput - start at £70

I look forward to making your project a reality!
Hi all,

I've finally gotten around to opening up for commissions.  I'm a fursuiter, puppet builder, costumier and artist who can make a variety of props and costumes so feel free to ask for quotes and availability.  If you look through my gallery you'll get a pretty good idea of what I do :)

I'll also be producing wings which will be put up for sale.  If you've ever wanted to be a fabulous fairy or have angelic aspirations keep watching my gallery.  Most wings will be unique, so you can have a one of a kind costume piece you won't see anywhere else.

You can also follow me on Facebook at…

I tend to put far more WIP content up on Facebook, while DA mostly gets finished pieces these days.  If you're interested in seeing how I work and what my current projects are come take a look.
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Silicone Noses for Sale by StarlightGlow
Silicone Noses for Sale
Silicone feline noses for sale!  All cast in a nice plat cure silicone and hand painted so they have depth and detail to them.  The purple and blue ones also have an iridescent coating to them.  The purple one is totally my favourite, it's a pink and purple swirl although the swirl turned out as mostly pink on top and purple on the bottom.  Kind of reminds me of the galaxy print fabric that's been trendy for a while.

All are backed on calico fabric with wires to help with attachment since silicone is annoying and only sticks to other silicone.

Will be for sale, probably via Etsy.  I'll post when they're up, but if you want one before then message me.  I'm looking at £12 each + P&P for these, except the blue which is £10 because it miscast and needed patching.  Should still work though.

I'm also planning on sculpting up some more silicone bits and pieces over summer.  Definitely going to do a canine nose, and maybe a tongue.  I might do another set of paw pads too.  I'm also open for specific commissions if you want something special made!
Bounder and Colly by StarlightGlow
Bounder and Colly
There are some definite downsides to living in a drippy forest.  The need to always have an umbrella is definitely one of them.

Bounder's the reddish one, Colly is the bluish grey one.  They make a sweet pairing, I should draw them together more often.  Colly's name happened first and then I had to kind of draw on a collie dog for his design.  Bounder is my cheetah/wolf/deer hybrid.  I made her as a fursuit, but she's even close to being a fursona.  She just had a design I loved.

More promarker fun.  I think I needed more trees in the background, but I've been digging the "sunbeam" skies I've been doing recently so this picture got one too.
Dotsie and Sev by StarlightGlow
Dotsie and Sev
Moar faunan hybrids and moar promarker!

Dotsie is a natural desert dweller, so obvy HUGE ears had to happen. Also she has no spots, her name is just short for Dorothy. The irony has not been lost on her. Sev used to live in the arctic, but he likes being around Dotsie much more than he likes being around snow and ice. He was a pain to design. He's meant to have some snow rabbit and polar bear elements, but he comes across as more canine. I think a degree of redesign is in order for him.

On another note I like the setting for these two. Yes, I know this in no way resembles a real desert, but the colour scheme is dreamy.
Tory and Jess by StarlightGlow
Tory and Jess
More hybrid and promarker practice.  Tory is the fuzzy part coyote and Jess is the reddish fox one.  My scanner really couldn't deal with his fur colour for some reason, he should have been a richer shade of red/brown.  

I like these two, they're cute and fun to write together.  I want to draw them a lot more.  They work in a desert occasionally and the orange sand tones set of their colour schemes nicely so that's their background.  They actually live in a deciduous forest most of the time, but I wasn't in the right mood to draw a lot of trees.
Swift and Maya by StarlightGlow
Swift and Maya
Practicing with Promarkers and establishing a few designs for characters I'm working on.  Swift is the winged one, Maya is the striped one.  Most of the characters I'm playing with at the moment are hybrids called faunans, so Swift is mostly lynx and bird, and Maya has some kangaroo in there.  I think I'll revise her design a bit.  Eh, I'm not entirely happy with her pose here either.

Maya is designed to live in a desert, so when she finds herself in a temperate forest she tends to call for backup.  Swift can live pretty much anywhere so she fits the bill nicely!

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Hey it's me the one from the student from college that came looking at your university and befriended you :D

The one with Twlight Wolf Link cosplay :P
That-Rito-Postman Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Saw you at the furmeet today. Turns out I was already watching you xD
Hello Again ^^
StarlightGlow Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Hello again!  It was nice seeing you yesterday :) That's kind of funny!
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Hiyas Starlight, I met some folks you might recognize, a few months back.…

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Very cool!  Guess I need to get out to more cons!

I'm doing good.  I went back to university to learn professional model making, so I'm currently up to my neck in studying.  Hope all's going well with you too.
FangornT Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
That sounds like a good idea and should help you a lot too. All is good here too. Maybe run into you again some day. Take care!
ggeudraco Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Gah, failed at getting a decent photograph of Ilyanya over the weekend >.<
StarlightGlow Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
If it helps I think everyone did! I've not seen too many of her yet. I'll almost certainly bring her or one of the other puppets out to Minami next year though.
ggeudraco Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I submitted two of you a few hours ago; those are the best I got. However, they're still not as good as the ones I did with Merro.

Oh, how I pine for that white puppet :p
StarlightGlow Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
It looks like you probably could have used a bit more distance to take the photos from, it was quite crowded when you took those pictures if I recall correctly. I'll probably have Illy at other conventions though.

Merro is getting a refur at the moment. I won't finish her for a while, but she's getting nicer fur and lights added so she'll hopefully look better next year.
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